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AspIT is tailored IT education to aspies

AspIT is a centre for professional IT training aimed at young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and special needs.

In a way which matches their skills, we aim to help young people gain a foothold in the IT market when they have completed their compulsory education.

IT has become a well-known and established term. It is an abbreviation of Information Technology, an umbrella term for everything related to electronic data-processing and the electronic exchange of information.

Young people with autism or similar symptoms of autism often suffer and struggle in the general education system. Due to the lack of alternatives in the traditional education system, it can be difficult to create training programs for them.

A clear framework and predictability

Most of those admitted at AspIT have Asperger’s Syndrome, autism - or similar symptoms of autism and are often not in a position to complete their school leaving exams. Due to their particular needs it is highly unlikely that they will be accepted in the general education system and be able to take the normal school leaving exams.

Focused IT talent education model

All AspIT students have Danish skills (reading and writing), English skills (reading) and mathematics (logical thinking). In addition, they have a great interest in IT and special skills in specific areas of IT.

None of our students would be able to function in a normal educational framework. They need education tailored to their individual needs as well as predictability and calm during their days at school. They also need a practical education which can be applied in the real world. This combination is not available in any of the normal education programmes available.

Customized IT training

There can be no doubt that young people with Asperger’s Syndrome, autism or similar symptoms of autism can attain valuable and essential skills through a structured education aimed at their special needs.

After two years at AspIT our students have acquired IT skills which enable them to solve practical problems for companies, complete internships and take part in education at a high level.

What do these terms mean?

  • AspIT: A term created through the contraction of the words "aspie" and "IT".
  • Aspie: A term for people with Asperger’s Syndrome. The word has a positive sound and highlights the positive aspects of Asperger’s Syndrome.

More about the AspIT education

If you want information about our IT education for aspies, please have a look here.

AspIT departments in Denmark

Have a look at our map of AspIT departments in Denmark here.

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